Munda Biddi Trail

The Munda Biddi Trail (which means "path through the forest" in the Nyoongar Aboriginal language) is the latest addiction to the Western Australia's growing set of world-class bush trails. Vast areas of majestic forests and rolling hills ensure an ideal setting for a long distance off-road cycle trail.

Something for Everyone

The Munda Biddi Trail has been designed for cyclists of all ages and experience levels. Enjoy a peaceful morning ride or challenge yourself to a week long wilderness adventure . The many vehicle access points allow you to design your own journey.

If you're keen on an extended off-road adventure, you can camp in purpose built Munda Biddi campsites. Situated a comfortable day's ride apart, the camps have roomy sleeping shelters and tent sites. The trail passes through a town at least every second day, providing easy re-supply and a range of accommodation choices.



Cycle Through Nature

On the Munda Biddi Trail you will encounter wildlife and plants not found anywhere else in the world. In the northern section, the trail passes through Jarrah Forest, which is the home to the Western Brush Wallaby, Brushtail Possum and the Western Grey Kangaroo. Further South, the trail will pass through towering Karri Forests before it ends in the coastal town of Albany on the scenic Southern Ocean. You won't have to worry about car traffic on the unsealed trail, so you can relax and enjoy the scenery while you cycle through nature in safety.

The Munda Biddi Trail provides an ideal opportunity to keep fit and have fun while refreshing your spirit as you soak up the beauty and peace of the South West Forests.

World's longest cycling trail to open in april

A Munda Biddi Epic 1000 cycling event will mark the opening of the completed Munda Biddi trail, the world's longest, most continuous off-road cycling track. Twenty-six cyclists from across Australia will embark on the first end-to-end 1000km ride on the trail over three weeks, starting in Albany on April 7 and finishing in Mundaring on April 28. The trail will become a continuous 1000km track from Albany to Mundaring when construction of the final stage from Manjimup to Denmark is completed in April.

Cyclists on the Epic will become the first Munda Biddi Trail Blazers and the first people in the world to ride the full length of the iconic trail. The ride will pass through local towns which will host the riders each night at special community events to celebrate the trail opening. The trail has been built through an undeveloped natural corridor of forests, bushland, gentle terrain and scenic river valleys, showcasing towering eucalypt trees and unique plants and wildlife.

It has something for everyone with sections of the trail to suit anyone's ability and pace. The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation, set up to promote and develop the track, has organised the ride and a celebratory event in Mundaring on April 28 to mark the end of the Epic 1000. "The completion of the track is the result of 12 years of construction work and the realisation of a dream by WA's cycling community that had its origins in the 1990s," said Munda Biddi Trail Foundation Chairman Ron Colman.

"The trail has received many accolades over the years and is regarded as one of the 'must do' adventures in the world. "The opening of the completed track over 1000km means the Munda Biddi Trial will become the ultimate challenge for cyclists across the world. "For riders who vary in experience and have less time to explore the trail, the addition of another leg means there are now even more exciting trail paths to explore."

The Munda Biddi Epic 1000 will be launched at 12pm on Sunday April 7 from the Munda Biddi Trail Head, alongside the Albany Visitor Centre, Albany. Click here to read more about Munda Biddi Trail and Epic 1000 event.