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6 Aussie animals and where you can spot them in Armadale

Perth Hills Armadale Visitor Centre

We can finally step out of our dressing gowns and slippers and into something a little less comfortable… dining out is back!

With 20 patron limits and social distancing in place, eating out at your favourite restaurant is going to look and feel very different from what we’re used to. But if we know our local eateries (and we’re pretty sure we do) you’ll still be able to count on warm welcomes, delicious meals and great service.

Nothing says Mother’s Day like breakfast in bed and her favourite local café might just have you covered.

Cooking breakfast can be equally as special (and we’ve got some recipes for you here), but if you fancy a morning off, why not surprise her with something she’ll love and #SupportArmadaleLocal at the same time.  Here’s our round up of local café’s offering takeaway or pick up options this Mothers’ day.

Mother’s Day is certainly going to look different this year, no brunches or lunches at her favourite café or large family get-togethers. But there is one Mother’s Day tradition that we can take advantage of, the humble picnic. #BeKind to your Mum and show her that although this Mother’s Day is like no other, she can still be made to feel every bit as special.

Despite March and April dragging on for what seems like forever, May is now upon us and Mother's Day is rapidly approaching!

What is it about sunsets? The colours, the clouds, the sense of serenity as the sun goes down and another day is over. 

Perth Hills Armadale Visitor Centre
4 March 2020

6 reasons to get out in nature, how do you experience Birak in the Perth Hills?, staying safe in the hot weather.

Perth Hills Armadale Visitor Centre
27 November 2019

Highland Gathering and the Perth Kilt Run, Make Smoking History Kelmscott Show, Halloween Night Sky Tour, Jarrahdale Log Chop and Serpentine Jarrhdale Lions Country Fair, Friday Night Bites and LiveLighter Perth HIlls Festival.

Perth Hills Armadale Visitor Centre
25 September 2019

The news that tulips come in different colours is probably not news to you. If it is, you need a visit to Araluen during spring season stat. But think about it for a second, have you ever actually seen a pure blue tulip?

Perth Hills Armadale Visitor Centre
18 September 2019

It's Yates Springtime at Araluen, Raeburn Orchards, Core Cider House, Armadale Settlers Common - Wildflower Season, Milbrook Winery.

Perth Hills Armadale Visitor Centre
14 August 2019